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Certification Program

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Journey Begins Here, 


Guild Certification


  • Grand Master Sharpener (GM) - Master sharpener in both shears and clipper blades

  • Master Sharpener (M) - Superior score in sharpening & repair (shears or clipper blades)

  • Certified Sharpener (C) - Passing score in sharpening & repair (shears or clipper blades)

  • Journeyman Sharpener (J) - Passing score in sharpening only (shears or clipper blades)


Discover The NSG Difference

Where Unbiased Judgement Meets Mastery

​​Experience the NSG Difference as leaders in preserving, maintaining, and safeguarding the traditional skills, art, and knowledge of the fine edge while advancing the craft of sharpening.


Achievable Standards

Our program upholds well-documented and attainable standards, adhering to a strict commitment of not offering monetary rewards, altering regulations arbitrarily, or engaging in practices that could be characterized as "pay-for-paper."


The certification within our program is granted solely upon the fulfillment of these established standards, affirming a rigorous and transparent evaluation process.


Management & Oversight

Our program is managed by a committee (the Certification Committee) of sharpeners who have all participated in the certification process by taking the exam and all of them have met the certification standards.  


The Certification Committee is overseen by the Board of Directors.  We have approved corporate policies for our certification program.

Our Course Benefits

Qualified Judges

Our certification judges have all taken the exam and met the standards to be designated as Master Sharpeners.  They have also participated in additional training to ensure they are intimately familiar with the standards, criteria, and evaluation process.  


We don't just invite people in off the street to be a judge right before an exam.  Our judges work hard to earn their credentials.

Results Based

Our program operates independent of any sharpening system, trainer, or scissor company.  You do not have to use any particular machines or techniques to achieve the standard.  It is about the results, not how you get there.  There are no secrets, our standards are shared with participants BEFORE they take the exam.  


We have certified Master Sharpeners who have used belt sanders, bench grinders, EZ-Vex, and flat hones for their exam.


Why Choosing a Certified NSG Sharpener Matters

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Are you a stylist, groomer, or chef in search of the finest sharpening services for your prized tools?


Look no further, for the National Sharpeners Guild (NSG) is here to help you unlock the true potential of your equipment.


Choosing a certified NSG sharpener isn't just a choice; it's an investment in the longevity and performance of your essential tools. Here's why finding a certified NSG sharpener is of paramount importance

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Precision & Expertise


Our certified sharpeners have undergone rigorous training and evaluation. They possess an intricate understanding of the art of sharpening, ensuring that your tools are honed to perfection. The result? Razor-sharp blades that enhance your work, delivering precise cuts and impeccable results.

Unbiased Evaluation


NSG sharpener certification ensures unbiased judgment. You can have peace of mind knowing that your tools are evaluated by professionals committed to fairness and excellence. Your tools' performance is judged solely based on their merit.

Industry Recognition


When you choose an NSG certified sharpener, you're aligning yourself with the industry's best. Our certified sharpeners are recognized and respected across various professions, making your choice a symbol of professionalism and dedication to your craft.


In 2020, I joined the National Beauty Tool Sharpening Guild, now National Sharpeners Guild. During the 2021 convention, I signed up to certify on salon shears – it was a very difficult test. I was impressed with the execution and detailed report I received.
Certification, to me, means a personal accomplishment. I proved to myself that I am a creditable sharpener. The feedback I received has made me an even better sharpener. It gave me a starting point for my journey to continuous improvement and commitment to excellence. 

-Daren Lackey

Linn Walters

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