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4/18-21 2024

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NSG 2024 National Convention

Come join us in Indianapolis as we celebrate Our 2024 Annual National Convention


NSG National Convention
Event Details

Four days of education, training, networking, learning, sharing, skills development, food, friends, family, and fun.  We have a number of three hour Guild Workshops available to choose from on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday on a range of topics surrounding technical skills enhancement;


Friday and Saturday will include Certification Exams, classes, along with engaging events for all skill levels.


Sunday morning we will have events and  discussions that provide additional education topics that are rotation based (free of charge) for everyone attending the Convention.


Educators will discuss various topics designed to enhance your new/or existing business.


Vendor rooms will be open all day Saturday and Sunday; a Sharpeners Swap Meet and Silent Auction all day Saturday; catered reception and members meeting Saturday; and finally, our catered Awards Banquet Dinner on Sunday night to bring the event to a close.


Catered lunch and refreshments are provided on Friday through Sunday.


There is something available for all experience levels from beginners who have never touched a pair of shears to 30 year veteran sharpeners.  Come see what all the buzz is about.



Meet Our Speakers


Event Sponsorship 

 Thank you for your interest in sponsoring the National Sharpeners Guild (NSG).  As you know, the NSG is a nonprofit industry trade organization consisting of professional sharpeners.  Sponsorships like yours will help us provide the resources necessary to continue our mission.

  Our mission is to advance the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners and certify sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades so that there is a fair and unbiased evaluation of the sharpening ability and provide resources for best business

 practices, training, and the advancement of the sharpening industry. 


In 2020, I joined the National Beauty Tool Sharpening Guild, now National Sharpeners Guild. During the 2021 convention, I signed up to certify on salon shears – it was a very difficult test. I was impressed with the execution and detailed report I received.
Certification, to me, means a personal accomplishment. I proved to myself that I am a creditable sharpener. The feedback I received has made me an even better sharpener. It gave me a starting point for my journey to continuous improvement and commitment to excellence. 

-Daren Lackey

Linn Walters

Sponsors 2024

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