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National Sharpeners Guild





Discover the NSG Difference

Where Unbiased Judgment Meets Mastery


"Experience the NSG Difference as leaders in preserving, maintaining, and safeguarding the traditional skills, art, and knowledge of the fine edge while advancing the craft of sharpening."


The National Sharpeners Guild Certification Program stands out in a myriad of ways, ensuring your journey to becoming a certified sharpener is unmatched in the industry.


Unlike many other entities offering certification, the NSG brings a unique blend of qualities that distinguish us:


Independent, Nonprofit Status

NSG is not just a certification body; we're a legally incorporated nonprofit organization recognized by the IRS as a 501(c)(3) non-profit.  Crucially, we are neither owned nor controlled by any company, manufacturer, supplier, family, or individual. Our independence ensures the integrity and fairness of our certification process.


Member Ownership & Control

The NSG is, at its core, owned and controlled by its members. This unique governance model guarantees that our commitment is solely to the sharpening community's best interests, free from external influence. We exist for our members, ensuring that your certification credentials have genuine value.


More Than a Certificate

When you earn certification through the NSG, you're not just receiving a piece of paper. You are tapping into a robust network of professional sharpeners who have been dedicated to their craft since 2009. The experience and expertise within our community go far beyond mere certification, making your journey richer and more rewarding.


Legacy of Excellence

NSG has been a driving force in the sharpening industry since 2009. Our enduring legacy and experience speak volumes about our commitment to the craft. We have consistently upheld the highest standards, and our certification reflects this dedication.

When you choose NSG for your certification, you're choosing an organization deeply rooted in professionalism, integrity, and a commitment to its members.


Our unwavering dedication to unbiased judgment and the sharpening community sets us apart as a trusted and respected institution. Join NSG today to experience the difference for yourself and become part of a legacy built on excellence.


At the National Sharpeners Guild, we are not just a trade group; we are a community of sharpening experts committed to advancing the knowledge and skills of beauty tool sharpeners.


Our mission is clear: to certify sharpeners of shears, scissors, thinning shears, and clipper blades to ensure a fair and unbiased evaluation of their sharpening abilities.


We also provide invaluable resources for best business practices, comprehensive training, and the overall advancement of the sharpening industry.

Our vision is to become the leading source of knowledge and training within the beauty tool sharpening industry. We aim to achieve this by hosting engaging, effective, and welcoming conventions and certification events that bring sharpeners together from all walks of life.


We believe in creating an environment where sharpeners of all experience levels can gather, share their knowledge, and learn from one another.


Through these gatherings, we strive to advance the cause of certified sharpeners and their indispensable contributions to various industries.



At NSG, our goals drive our actions and define our purpose:

  • Foster Participation: We are dedicated to fostering active participation within our guild, encouraging continuous improvement in our industry, and helping our members reach their full potential.

  • Positive Influence: We aspire to be a positive and respected influence within the sharpening community. Our commitment to integrity, fairness, and excellence sets the standard for professional sharpeners.

  • Industry Standards: We are determined to set the bar for professional sharpeners and uphold the highest standards of quality, ensuring that our certified members represent the pinnacle of their craft.

Professional Attending a Seminar


4/18-21 2024

Save The Date

NSG 2024 National Convention

Come join us in Indianapolis as we celebrate Our 2024 Annual National Convention



Unlock a world of professional growth, expertise, and camaraderie by becoming a member of the National Sharpeners Guild. Whether you're an aspiring sharpener, a seasoned pro, or simply passionate about the art of sharpening, our community welcomes you with open arms.

As a member, you'll gain access to exclusive resources, unparalleled expertise, and a network of like-minded individuals dedicated to preserving and advancing the craft of sharpening. Join us today, and let's sharpen the future together.


Together, we're more than a guild; we're a family of sharpeners committed to excellence.

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